How To Create Life Balance

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Often, we find ourselves trying to balance work, relaxation, relationships, and various commitments. And, often because of a lack of time, we find our actions going out of balance in one or more area. Consider just these three examples of how we are pressured, knowingly or not, to do something that is out of balance:

  • Long work hours (including needing — or feeling pressured — to check work emails late at night or to take work home).
  • Social media platforms that were designed to make you emotional (mostly angry) and to be addictive.
  • Prepackaged food that’s quick to prepare, and tasty, but that contains a lot of fillers — perhaps, a lot of hidden sugar — and not a lot of nutrition.

Creating Life Balance

Below are a few tips for creating balance in your life and getting a little more ‘you time.’

If possible, set some boundaries with work, especially if you have a family. If your boss can’t let you have enough time free for you each evening or weekend, you might need to look for a new position or rethink your career.

When it comes to social media, if you’re going to check it, have a purpose. Maybe you need to check and respond to messages. Or maybe you need to post a new photo (perhaps for a side business).

Be conscious of your purpose for logging in. Do what you need to do and then log out. Sticking to that simple rule will make it less likely that you’ll end up wasting time.

Secondly, try to eat a diet of natural foods instead of junk food, processed food, or food with lots of additives. Prepare or cook your own food instead of eating out or ordering food all the time. Whenever possible, eat meals with friends or family and make it a small communal ritual. (if you live alone, try preparing food for a few days at a time, so you’re not spending time on it every night.)

Stretch and exercise regularly, even if you can only manage ten minutes every other day (it’s a lot better than nothing).

Get at least 7.5 hours sleep a night.

Practice an art or skill for your own pleasure and creative expression.

Go for walks.

Build periods of quiet into your life. Don’t habitually reach for your smartphone to check social media when your alone. Just get used to being quiet and not doing anything for a few minutes. We weren’t designed to be stimulated all of the time. To think, and to have new ideas, personal breakthroughs, and to see clearly where we want to go in life, we have to have periods of quiet in which we can relax the chattering mind.

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