Attraction Hypnosis

Want to be a more attractive person? More likable and persuasive? The kind of person other people notice, take seriously, and remember? Whether you want to make the right impression professionally, personally, or romantically, my unique attraction hypnosis sessions address your particular needs and circumstances.

Attraction Hypnosis:

Attraction hypnosis sessions take a holistic and individualistic approach:

  • Individualistic: sessions never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, I work with you on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Holistic: instead of focusing solely on one aspect, we will explore your physical, mental, and emotional attraction signals.

Let’s take a look at the physical, mental, and emotional components of sessions:

(1) Physical Attraction:

When it comes to physical attractiveness, we tend to focus on facial features, hair color, and body shape and size. While I’m always happy to work with clients on weight issues and eating problems (and we can do that in your session if you choose), attraction hypnosis sessions tend to focus more on “presence,” so that you exude calm confidence (as opposed to signaling stress—which is generally highly unattractive).

We’ll explore posture and facial expression which signal our feelings about our self-image, level of confidence and competence, and value to others (whether that’s in a professional or personal relationship).

The Face, Lines, and Stress:

No one likes getting lines on their face. But they can be a good starting point in attraction hypnosis sessions.

First, we’ll be able to see how you are expressing your stress on your face, unconsciously. Then we’ll work to relieve that stress and stop you from frowning or straining your facial muscles. This can have the long-term benefit of developing fewer unsightly lines on your face. But it has the more immediate benefit of helping you to feel, and to appear, more relaxed and confident as a result.

(2) Mental Attraction:

You’ve undoubtedly met people who are good-looking yet boring or emotionally deflated. And you’ve probably met people who were captivating and exciting even though they had average (or even below-average) looks.

We tend to be mentally attracted to people who think and speak positively, who are curious about things, and who have a goal in life and are passionate about something (even if we’re not passionate about the same thing). Such people tend to possess an irresistible spark, energy, or joie de vivre. We want to experience an equal passion for life.

Choice of Words:

There are positive and negative ways to describe everything and, as such, positive and negative ways of conceptualizing the world. Negative language and ways of looking at the world not only hold us back but—as we’ve suggested—make us less attractive to other people. Conversely, a more positive vocabulary can give us more confidence and can highlight our value.

Properly used, language is one of the most effective tools of hypnotism. But it’s also a skill that can be learned. With attraction hypnosis, we explore your habitual use of language to see how you can express yourself not only to empower yourself in daily life but to be more immediately attractive and persuasive.

(3) Emotional Attraction:

We’ve all experienced being around other people and being affected by their emotions, whether those emotions were positive or negative. If we’re with someone who’s stressed and nervous, we soon begin to feel stressed and nervous. And, of course, if we’re with someone who is relaxed, confident, happy, and positive, we start to feel these emotions. (And we all prefer the latter type of person.)

Relaxed Confidence:

Think about a salesperson who is nervous, pushy, tense, and eager to make a sale. We’re generally mistrustful of such behavior and feel that we’re about to be ripped off. Conversely, a salesperson who’s relaxed, confident, and who seems more interested in helping us than in getting us to buy something is more likable, seems much more trustworthy, and is—perhaps counterintuitively—much more persuasive.

With attraction hypnosis, we will work on techniques of relaxation and confidence so that you can perform at your best whenever you need to and so that you can cultivate long-term relaxation (which is necessary for better health and the maximum enjoyment of life).

Your Attraction Hypnosis Session:

We’ll address physical, mental, and emotional attraction signals. However, since sessions are tailored to your needs, you can choose to focus more on one area than on the other two (e.g., posture and facial expression (and relaxing the face), language and persuasion, or relaxation and confidence). It’s entirely up to you.

Depending on your needs, we’ll explore simple techniques from facial relaxation to positive thinking and breathing relaxation methods to help you be more effective in daily life.

And we’ll use hypnosis in your session(s) to help you make the habitual changes that you need to make in order to become a more persuasive, attractive person.

In a competitive world, you need to stand out for all the right reasons. Start today, click the button below to schedule your session:

Angel Millar, hypnotist

Angel Millar
Certified Hypnotist, NGH (USA).

I’m a hypnotist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA. I have over two decades of experience in various mindfulness practices and am the author of two books on personal growth. I work with clients on a range of issues to help them improve their personal and professional lives.

“I truly believe I will look back to my session with Angel Millar as the moment my life changed for the better.”—J. Ferguson, USA.

“Working with Angel was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first experience with hypnosis, but was immediately at ease and comfortable. Angel is a great listener and a calming presence.”—Stephanie Chuang.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but he walks you through it and makes you feel super comfortable, asking what’s going on in your life, and gets some background information before he really plunges into the hypnosis itself. Overall, it’s just a really positive experience. It just feels really good. It feels really enlightening. It feels like you have a kick-start into the new chapter of your life. And I think that’s kinda what I was looking for.”—Amanda Maiorano.

Disclaimer: Hypnotism is not a form of health care, mental health therapy or counseling, or psychotherapy. Nor is it a substitute for medical treatments or medications. I am not a medical doctor or mental health practitioner and I do not, and cannot, diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or heal any physical, mental, or emotional illness (including sexual issues). 

As such, I will withhold hypnotic services if a client’s behavior, appearance, or statements would lead a reasonable person to believe that the client should be evaluated by a licensed healthcare professional. Consult a qualified medical or mental health specialist if you suspect that you may have a physical or mental health issue and whenever otherwise appropriate. 

Results of any hypnosis session may vary from person to person.