Remote Hypnosis

Remote hypnosis sessions enable you to experience the power of hypnotism in the comfort of your home or office. No time-wasting travel. No waiting around in a waiting room. And, with a convenient schedule based on your needs, there’s no need to take time off work.

Remote hypnosis sessions are as effective as in-person. We’ll begin your session by confidentially exploring your challenge and situation and what you want and expect to achieve. We’ll look at potential solutions and action steps you can take towards success. And we’ll discuss the focus for when you’re in hypnosis.

I’ll then guide you into hypnosis. (Generally, this is a very relaxed, calm state, with increased focus, so, unsurprisingly, most people enjoy the experience and find it rejuvenating.)

Afterward, I’ll show you simple self-hypnosis (as well as other techniques where relevant) that you can do at home.

My hypnosis practice is about putting you back in control of your life. So you’ll never be pressured to sign up for multiple sessions.

Hypnosis is frequently used for:

  • Performance (e.g., success in interviews, presentations, or leadership roles)
  • Stress Management (e.g., getting rid of nagging thoughts and doubts, greater relaxation and ability to relax when you need, and greater focus)
  • Confidence
  • Stopping unwanted habits (e.g., smoking)
  • Improving Sleep
  • Weight loss (including healthy eating and controlling snacking)
  • Fears (e.g., public speaking, dentists, and elevators)

What To Expect During Your Remote Hypnosis Session:

Although I sometimes adapt sessions (e.g., showing a client a self-hypnosis technique early on), depending on the need of a client, typically, sessions are structured along the following lines:

  1. We’ll confidentially discuss and explore your challenges, situation, and goals.
  2. We’ll explore possibilities and practical steps that you can take.
  3. We’ll discuss the scope and focus of your hypnosis experience.
  4. Then I’ll gently guide you into hypnosis and will give you hypnotic suggestions.
  5. Lastly, once I have guided you out of hypnosis, I will teach you a simple self-hypnosis procedure and/or other mental focus techniques appropriate to you.

Preparing for Your Remote Hypnosis Session:

Preparing for your session is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have internet access (since sessions are via Zoom).
  • Situate yourself in a quiet room that isn’t too bright.
  • Seat yourself on a comfortable, sturdy chair or sofa. (Some clients become so relaxed that they fall asleep for a few seconds during a session so please make sure your chair won’t swivel or fall over.)
  • Turn off email alerts and text message alerts, and make sure that there are no other distractions.

After that, you’re ready to begin. To schedule your session, click the button below.

Angel Millar, hypnotist

Angel Millar
Certified Hypnotist, NGH (USA).

I’m a hypnotist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA. I have over two decades of experience in various mindfulness practices and am the author of two books on personal growth. I work with clients on a range of issues to help them improve their personal and professional lives.

“I truly believe I will look back to my session with Angel Millar as the moment my life changed for the better.”—J. Ferguson, USA.

“Working with Angel was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first experience with hypnosis, but was immediately at ease and comfortable. Angel is a great listener and a calming presence.”—Stephanie Chuang.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but he walks you through it and makes you feel super comfortable, asking what’s going on in your life, and gets some background information before he really plunges into the hypnosis itself. Overall, it’s just a really positive experience. It just feels really good. It feels really enlightening. It feels like you have a kick-start into the new chapter of your life. And I think that’s kinda what I was looking for.”—Amanda Maiorano.

Disclaimer: Hypnotism is not a form of health care, mental health therapy or counseling, or psychotherapy. Nor is it a substitute for medical treatments or medications. I am not a medical doctor or mental health practitioner and I do not, and cannot, diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or heal any physical, mental, or emotional illness (including sexual issues). 

As such, I will withhold hypnotic services if a client’s behavior, appearance, or statements would lead a reasonable person to believe that the client should be evaluated by a licensed healthcare professional. Consult a qualified medical or mental health specialist if you suspect that you may have a physical or mental health issue and whenever otherwise appropriate. 

Results of any hypnosis session may vary from person to person.