Besides being a hypnotist and life coach, I’m probably best known as a public speaker on self-development and as an author (my most recently-published book is The Three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality: Craftsman, Warrior, Magician (Inner Traditions publishing, 2020)).

New Dawn magazine has described my writing as “of extraordinary importance in this time of cultural and even spiritual conflict.” But that conflict isn’t just outside in the world. If, like me, you aspire to something greater, you undoubtedly feel it in yourself.

My own personal growth journey — through which I’ve experienced more than my fair share of struggle — has always been founded on the archetypes of the craftsman, warriormagician (and I use “magician” here in its much earlier sense, coming from the ancient Greek word magos, meaning wise person, a guide, or spiritual guide). 

In its most basic sense, that has meant developing the mind, body, and spirit. And it has meant developing a vision for life, life skills, mental clarity and calm in the face of opposition, the ability to understand why I failed and how I could overcome that failure, and the ability and drive to move forward

The idea of forging a life based on the archetypes of craftsman, warrior, and magician isn’t a new one. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato claimed that each individual should be educated through music (craftsman), wrestling (warrior), and philosophy (magician). In the 20th century, Omori Sogen became a master of calligraphy, sword fighting, and Zen Buddhism (as had Yamaoka Tesshu during the 19th). More recently, Russian spiritual teacher George Gurdjieff (d. 1949) taught a system of self-development through the mind, emotions, and body (or, as he described it, through the way of the monk, fakir, and yogi).

In my own life, I have worked to embody the three archetypes of the craftsman, warrior, and magician in a way that is relevant to me, and relevant to our world today.

I started practicing meditation and mind control techniques, and studying spirituality, in my very early adulthood. After that, I started practicing Shaolin Kung Fu in London (I now reside in New York City and have been living in the USA for the last couple of decades — with a few years in Canada as well). I studied fine art painting at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, before studying menswear design at Central Saint Martins College. 

Personally, today, I wake up early, write, and work out. I practice martial arts. And I practice meditation and techniques of mental focus (including some techniques I have developed myself over the years). I’m still growing. Because growth is life.

Professionally, I’m a consulting hypnotist (certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and working with clients on everything from stopping smoking and weight loss to cultivating confidence and relaxation)  as well as a certified life coach, and an author of books on self-development, symbolism, Jungian psychology, myth, and meditation and visualization practices.s.