Hypnosis For Public Speaking

One study in the Australian Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis showed that participants were able to “were able to reduce  their fear of public speaking level significantly through use of the diagnostic trance procedure [i.e. hypnosis].”

Public speaking is one of the most common fears among Americans. But, as you know, if you want to get ahead in your career, or if you want to forge a new career path, public speaking isn’t an additional option. It’s an essential skill.

You’ve probably even noticed that those who speak up at meetings are taken more seriously than those who do not. But it’s not just for meetings that you need this confidence, of course. You need to be confident in public speaking if

  • You’re going to give business presentations.
  • You’re intending to lead (and inspire) a team.
  • You need to meet and negotiate with clients or investors.
  • You’re going to be interviewed about your work for a podcast (or even just for a position with a new company).
  • Or you’re going to be the public face of your brand or business.

For public speaking, hypnosis can help you overcome your fears. It can help boost your confidence in your ability. And it can help you prepare for a specific event such as a business presentation, negotiation, or a public talk that you need to give.

If you looked at the top-right of this page, you might have noticed that, besides being a certified hypnotist, I’m a public speaker and author (on subjects related to hypnotism and personal growth).

So I know exactly what you’re going through—the nervousness you feel in the lead-up to public speaking, especially waiting for the big moment; stressing about whether you’ll be able to hold the audience’s attention; worrying that you might forget what to say, or stressing about vocal tone and body language.

I’ve been there. I’ve learned what to do, and what not to do. I’ve used hypnosis in my own preparation. And, as a result, I’ve improved dramatically in my own public speaking over the years. So I know how to give you the best foundation for success in your hypnosis session.

Stop stressing and start preparing for your public speaking success. Schedule your session today.

Your Hypnosis Session:

Your session is two hours long. We’ll connect remotely, via Zoom, so you can have your session from the comfort of your home. (No time-wasting travel. No waiting and stressing in some waiting room.)

For the first half of your session, we’ll discuss how and why you’ll be using your public speaking skills. And, of course, we’ll explore your goals and what you’d like to achieve with public speaking.

I’ve worked with individuals and teams to improve their communication. So we can also explore practical tips for public speaking, including:

  • Calming your nerves before your presentation.
  • Posture and gesture.
  • Tone of voice.
  • And how to phrase what you want to say for maximum effect.

Then I’ll guide you into hypnosis. The actual hypnosis part of the session is usually 30 minutes or a little longer (depending on how much ground we can cover in the first half of the session).

Lastly, I’ll show you a simple self-hypnosis practice to do at home in the lead-up to your public speaking event. And I’ll show you calming and focusing techniques that you can do while you’re waiting for your big moment.

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Angel Millar, hypnotist

Angel Millar
Certified Hypnotist, NGH (USA).

I’m a hypnotist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA. I have over two decades of experience in various mindfulness practices and am the author of two books on personal growth. I work with clients on a range of issues to help them improve their personal and professional lives.

“I truly believe I will look back to my session with Angel Millar as the moment my life changed for the better.”—J. Ferguson, USA.

“Working with Angel was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first experience with hypnosis, but was immediately at ease and comfortable. Angel is a great listener and a calming presence.”—Stephanie Chuang.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but he walks you through it and makes you feel super comfortable, asking what’s going on in your life, and gets some background information before he really plunges into the hypnosis itself. Overall, it’s just a really positive experience. It just feels really good. It feels really enlightening. It feels like you have a kick-start into the new chapter of your life. And I think that’s kinda what I was looking for.”—Amanda Maiorano.

Disclaimer: Hypnotism is not a form of health care, mental health therapy or counseling, or psychotherapy. Nor is it a substitute for medical treatments or medications. I am not a medical doctor or mental health practitioner and I do not, and cannot, diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or heal any physical, mental, or emotional illness (including sexual issues). 

As such, I will withhold hypnotic services if a client’s behavior, appearance, or statements would lead a reasonable person to believe that the client should be evaluated by a licensed healthcare professional. Consult a qualified medical or mental health specialist if you suspect that you may have a physical or mental health issue and whenever otherwise appropriate. 

Results of any hypnosis session may vary from person to person.