Why One CEO has Turned To Self-Hypnosis

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Why One CEO Has Turned To Self-Hypnosis And Mindset Coaching

Forbes magazine recently interviewed David DeRam, CEO of Greenlight Guru and founder of the Progeny Foundation. According to Forbes, DeRam “uses mindset training to effectively re-teach himself and his team to think in terms of positivity, success and crushing goals both personally and professionally.”

As DeRam notes in the interview, “startups face a lot of scarcity, which can create skepticism and negative mindsets.” But, of course, it isn’t just start-ups that have to contend with such obstacles. Larger companies and corporations are often plagued with office politics and staffed with people who feel that they have to do what they’re told even if they suspect that it will be bad for the company and, ultimately, for their own job security.

In fact, according to Gallop’s State of The Workforce report, 85% of employees, globally, are either “not engaged” or are “disengaged” at work. According to the report (also cited by Intelligent Management):

Most of modern business relies on annual reviews to provide feedback and evaluate performance. And yet the new workforce is looking for things like purpose, opportunities to develop, ongoing conversations, a coach rather than a boss, and a manager who leverages their strengths rather than obsessing over their weaknesses. They see work and life as interconnected, and they want their job to be a part of their identity.

Note “purpose, opportunities to develop… coach[ing]… and leverage[ing] their strengths.” That’s exactly the realm that mindset coaches and goal-focused hypnotists tap into when working with groups or individuals. Unsurprisingly, then, after DeRam started with a mindset coach, he recognized the potential,

massive benefits and outcomes my team could achieve by working in an environment both highly focused on employee wellness and able to teach you how to use your mind to achieve greatness while enjoying your work. So I brought mindset training in-house for the entire company.

DeRam introduced Emile Coue’s method to his company Greenlight Guru. This is the same method that Cus D’Amato taught Mike Tyson when he trained him to become a world champion boxer. This requires the individual to repeat a short sentence (or “affirmation” or “suggestion”) that articulates their goal right before falling asleep (e.g., “I am creative and easily find solutions to challenges at work”). At this time, when the brainwaves have transformed into Theta, which enables the mind to be relaxed but more open to suggestion.

Hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and mindset coaching can all help cultivate a positive mindset, the determining factor in the success or failure of companies and individuals alike.

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