Phalanx: A Webzine of Spirituality, Initiation, and Masculinity

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Some readers may not know, but around a year ago I founded Phalanx, a webzine of “guts, determination, and spirituality,” as I’ve described it. My original idea was that it would be a blog where I would explore issues of masculinity and spirituality. It evolved quite quickly, and its focus was soon spirituality and self-development.

Since, so far, all of the writers have been male initiates of the Mysteries, the site has quite a masculine tone, and one or two articles (such as those which concern men’s attitude toward women (especially in regard to the female image in initiation), or on male initiation and violence) were written with men in mind, though the vast majority of articles and the vast majority of advice and information is as relevant to women as it is to men — and, in fact, one or two of the site’s biggest supporters are women. (I believe both men and women should learn self-defense, practice meditation, should learn to cook and understand food, and cultivate mind, body, and spirit.)

Although one or two other writers contribute to Phalanx (such as Jeff Wolfe, who writes about magic, spirituality, and self-development; and Tony Crisos, who’s written about ancient Greek music and initiation, and Sufism and music), I contribute to the site on a weekly basis, and plan to be adding new sections and more podcasts soon.  Continue reading “Phalanx: A Webzine of Spirituality, Initiation, and Masculinity”

Public Lecture: Masonic Tracing Boards and The Ancient Mysteries

I will be speaking at The Chancellor Robert R Livingston Library and Museum, NYC, on February 23. The talk will start at 6:30 pm, and, with questions and perhaps a bit of hanging out after, it should go on until around 8 pm.

I will be discussing Masonic symbolism, and showing a few of my painting (which will be used to illustrate the talk).

If you’re interested to attend, you can find out more details, and RSVP, here.

Esoteric Orders, Magic, and Persevering to Authenticity

Esotericism — or at least the appearance of esotericism — is now everywhere. New Age and occult stores exist in probably every city in the West, as do countless Yoga studios (many of them selling books on Kundalini), and so on. The rituals of occult Orders can sometimes be found in mainstream bookstores and, of course, on the net. We do not have to go far out of our way to learn — at least superficially — about the alchemical process, the Kabbalah, the meaning of the runes, or anything else once considered the preserve of adepts.

What, then, are esoteric Orders for? Continue reading “Esoteric Orders, Magic, and Persevering to Authenticity”

The Limits of Tradition — And Going Beyond

Though drawing from older spiritual traditions and movements, “Traditionalism” — the doctrine first articulated by French metaphysician Rene Guenon — has come to be adopted by a number of groups and individuals in modernity, and has influenced, among others, Prince Charles to Russian geopolitical theorist and neo-Eurasianist Aleksandr Dugin.

I should say, up front, that I do not consider myself a Traditionalist — though some others might. I believe — though perhaps not in quite the same way as he Traditionalists — in a primordial tradition. And I also believe that there is such a thing as counter-initiation (initiations that appear ancient but that draw the “initiate” ever further into modernity, and away from authentic spiritual life), which is another belief of the Traditionalist school. Like them — though this is certainly found in initiatic schools throughout history — I also believe that knowledge has to be passed down by degrees, and through esotericism and exoteric doctrine. Continue reading “The Limits of Tradition — And Going Beyond”

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