Thanks for checking out my site. I’m Angel Millar, author and public speaker on consciousness, self-development, myth, symbolism, and spirituality, and hypnotist and mindset trainer.  

I began practicing meditation and consciousness-based techniques of self-development in my early adult life. Later, in my early twenties, I took up martial arts and Chi Gong (breathing exercises for health) and, consequently, learned more about stress management and overcoming self-limiting beliefs. In my thirties, after moving from England to the USA, I began researching the history of various ancient spiritual traditions (many of them semi-secret), and consequently became an author and speaker on the subject, speaking at venues across the USA, from LA to Texas and from New York to Virginia. 

Over the decades I have developed my own techniques and system of meditation and consciousness-transformation. Nevertheless, believing that you can never have too much training, I also trained to become a hypnotist (and am certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA). 

Today, I work with clients to help them, through hypnosis and related techniques, to overcome challenges and work towards achieving their goals. My approach is informed by my training, my historical studies, and — most of all — by my experience of what works in the real world. 

Check out the pages above to find out more about me, my books, or about hypnosis sessions with me. 

Results may vary from person to person.