Life coaching for those who want to count...
on themselves

Personal Development

This is a fast-changing time. One of deep uncertainty. And — for those who are ready — opportunity.

In times like this, you can only count on yourself. So now is the time to step up, get clear about your vision, overcome your weaknesses, capitalize on your strengths, and see things through. 

Life coaching with Angel Millar will help you get clear about personal growth goals, formulating a plan, and taking action. Self-development isn’t easy. So you’ll receive encouragement and guidance. And I will hold you to account.


To Personal Presentation — For Career And Relationships

We can work on a specific challenge that you are facing, such as your personal branding (for career, business, and personal presentation), stress management, motivation, developing a spiritual practice, or interpersonal relationships.

And we can work together to help you to develop as a man and as a person, holistically — mind, body, and spirit. Because one part of you is not separate from any other. And because instead of being a cliche, you can become the whole you and a superior you.



I’m Angel Millar, author of The Three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality: Craftsman, Warrior, Magician, which explores the myths, symbolism, and practices of these three archetypes, how they overlap, and their relevance to us today.

I have a diverse background. I began practicing meditation and mind control techniques in my early adult life, took up martial arts, studied menswear design in London (before moving to the U.S.A.), and worked in design, copywriting, and branding. I’m a well-known public speaker on self-development and a published author.