Welcome to the website of Angel Millar. I’m the author of The Crescent and the Compass: Islam, Freemasonry, Esotericism and Revolution in the Modern Age (2015), Freemasonry: Foundation of the Western Esoteric Tradition (2014), and Freemasonry: A History (2005), as well as numerous articles on spirituality and related subjects.

My writing has been published in New Dawn magazine, Quest magazine, The PhilalethesThe Journal of Indo-European Studies, and at Disinfo dot com, among others. I also blog about spirituality, esotericism, religion, martial arts, and self-development at Phanes.

Besides writing, I regularly give lectures and talks on the history of Freemasonry and Western esotericism, and on more practical aspects of self-improvement and spirituality. I have been interviewed by US and Canadian radio and by various esoteric podcasts. And I have spoken at The Chancellor Robert R Livingston Library and Museum (on several occasions), to the Philosophy department of Mensa NY, at Catland bookstore in Brooklyn, and various private societies and groups.

Lastly, I’m also an artist. My art has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the USA and London (UK). Some of my paintings are in the permanent collection of The Chancellor Robert R Livingston Library and Museum, and some have also been exhibited at The Henry Wilson Coil Library & Museum of Freemasonry in San Fransisco. To see some examples, click here.


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