CULT Of You Reviews Path Of The Warrior-Mystic

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CULT OF YOU reviews Path Of The Warrior-Mystic

I’ve been interviewed quite a lot lately about my latest book The Path Of The Warrior-Mystic: Being A Man In An Age Of Chaos. And the book has also been reviewed in a few places as well, including New Dawn magazine. However, one of my favorite reviews (and one of my favorite interviews) has been with Adam Nox, host of Cult Of You. 

Noting that this book was written with men primarily in mind, Adam says that it is about living with “honor and integrity.”

“One of the concepts and ideas in here that was quite profound for me,” he says, “is this notion about the need for pain and how it is used to define us very much in the masculine… The man has to come to his awakening within himself; it has to be forged; you have to choose a vocation, a path of challenge, in order to forge yourself as a man… It’s through adversity that man forges his deepest strength, his deepest power.”

Adam goes on to say that The Path Of The Warrior-Mystic “really goes a long way in equipping the individual with those powers. So, in my opinion, if you’re a young man or if you’re a man redefining yourself — you’ve come out of a break-up, you’ve gone through a serious change in your life — and you’re looking for a bit of a compass on where to go next… this is an exquisite manual.”

Here is what Adam says about a couple of the chapters:


“A great piece. It really deep dives into what is the problem; what is preventing us from achieving our dreams and living our goals, and how do we overcome that.” 

“It breaks past the surface of just positive thinking… in spite of adversity… and developing a truly powerful self-image, and I would say even a healthy, integral self-image.”


Describes “the world we’re in today… how do we relate to the primal…”

“This is a course corrector” for anyone who needs “that route back” to their authentic Self. 

You can check out the interview I did with Adam here (and subscribe to Cult Of You here).

Listen to the entire review below. 


Published by Inner Traditions, The Path Of The Warrior-Mystic is available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook formats. And it’s available from all good book sellers, including, in the USA (Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble), the UK (Amazon.co.uk and Waterstones), and Canada (Amazon.ca and Chapters).

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