OUT IN NOVEMBER: The Path of The Warrior-Mystic

My upcoming book The Path of The Warrior-Mystic: Being a Man In An Age of Chaos will be released by Inner Traditions publishing in November 2021. 

I wrote this book because men face many new and unique challenges today — not least of all a society that feels increasingly free to be judgmental about men and about masculinity. 

Disconnection from male initiation, from men who exemplify the best of manhood, from a clear idea of what it is to be a man in this age, pressure to work all the time, defeatist self-talk, and fear of the unknown are just a few of the issues that we must face today. 

But, a lack of guidance, remains the overarching problem, especially for those of us who grew up with an absentee father (emotionally or literally) or with a father who was so beaten down by the world that he had no life lessons to give, or who lacked any real role models.

To guide you along the path of the warrior-mystic, this book explores mythology (e.g., Sir Gawain and The Green Knight), psychology, positive thinking, meditation, philosophy, chivalry, fine art, and sex and orgasm, among other things. We’ll also explore: 
  • How to turn your disadvantage not only into an advantage but into the drive to make changes and get things done. (We’ll look at how many famous, influential people have experienced real disadvantages from learning disabilities to serious childhood sickness or poverty and used these to propel them to their greatest achievements.) 
  • How to overcome fear and go boldly into the world.
  • How to relax (essential for health and inspiration. And — of course — taught in martial arts, boxing, and any high-stress field).
  • How to go from a critic to creator, creator your own life and inspiring others. 

Unlike some other men-oriented guides, this is not about faking being a wild man. The warrior-mystic is the ideal of classical civilizations (European, Japanese, Islamic, and so on) for the modern age. It is about developing yourself as a whole — mind, body, and spirit. It is about empowerment. And it’s about rejecting the cliche that society wants yo to be (or accuses you of being) and becoming who you aspire to be and who you should always have been

You can find out more, or preorder the book, at Inner TraditionsAmazon.com, or Barnes & Noble.