Kabbalah And Freemasonry — Greg Kaminsky In Interview

Greg Kaminsky — one of the speakers at the recent Masonic Con event — has been interviewed by Alex Powers of the Historical Light website on the subject of his talk at that event: Kabbalah and Freemasonry. It’s a good introduction to the subject, especially to the history and development of Kabbalah (an originally Jewish metaphysical system that was adopted into Christian apologetics, Christian mysticism, and Western esotericism).  Continue reading → Kabbalah And Freemasonry — Greg Kaminsky In Interview

Mason Con 2017: How It Was

With speakers including myself, the renowned Greg Kaminsky (publisher of Occult of Personality podcast), author Piers A. Vaughan, and lecturer Oscar Alleyne, the second annual Masonic Con convention was held on Saturday, April 29.

With the exception of Greg’s talk on Freemasonry and the history, symbolism, and philosophy of Kabbalah, all of the lectures were open to the public. Although I didn’t catch all of the seven talks, from what I did see, the standard was extremely high, and each was highly informative — and everyone I spoke to told me that they were impressed by the speakers they had seen, as well. Continue reading → Mason Con 2017: How It Was