Out Now: Path Of The Warrior-Mystic

My latest book, The Path Of The Warrior-Mystic: Being A Man In An Age Of Chaos, is now available in the USA. (The book will be available in the United Kingdom in January.) Published by Inner-Traditions, the books explores the path of self-development for men in the modern age.

The themes I discuss in the book include:

  • The decline in warrior-values and the destructive separation of physical excellence from the intellect in the modern age.
  • The importance of developing the whole self and uniting the warrior aspect with the ability to think and act creatively and “outside of the box.”
  • The importance of venturing out into the world and embracing the unknown.
  • Overcoming fear. 
  • How to relax (essential in the martial arts and in the practice of any art).
  • How to develop a persona that is congruent with your highest ideals.
  • The mechanization of the world and the loss of the sacred (and how to recover it).
  • Sex, orgasm, and the symbolism of death and the headless.
  • The importance of the “creative minority” or creative vanguard for renewing and reviving societies. 

The book is available from all good booksellers including Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble, and from independent booksellers via IndieBound. If you prefer to listen to books, rather than read words on a page, The Path Of The Warrior-Mystic is also available in audiobook format (read by Matt Rocker). 

Praise for The Path Of The Warrior-Mystic: Being A Man In An Age Of Chaos:

“Busting all categories and conventions, Angel Millar creates a new code of masculine development by uniting contemporary needs with esoteric wisdom to reintroduce honor, purpose, accountability, ethics, and effort into a culture that has astoundingly degraded or forgotten these ideals. As steeped in magic, rite, and hidden history as he is in good sense, Angel delivers the book on positive manhood for which our culture has been yearning. Cynics will never forgive him.” — Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award–winning author of Occult America and The Miracle Club.

“In his impressively researched book, Angel Millar takes us step by step on a journey to authenticity. Citing images and examples from myth, art, and religion, he shows us men how to grow into our highest expression as males of both strength and uncompromising insight.” — Will Johnson, author of Rumi’s Four Essential Practices and Breathing through the Whole

“Throughout the ages, and in most traditional civilizations, there exists a masculine ideal: that of the warrior-poet, or warrior-mystic, who has been initiated into both the worlds of action and contemplation–the harmony of pen and sword. However, during our age of chaos, masculinity as an ideal is no longer recognized but actively demonized by the forces of deconstruction and distraction, and hence, many modern men are lost in a wasteland devoid of meaning, balance, and higher ideals. Angel Millar has taken upon himself the noble task of helping to restore this lost balance, and his book offers both traditional wisdom and sage practical advice specific to our time on how to re-embrace the heroic, perennial masculine ideal.” Aki Cederberg, author of Journeys in the Kali Yuga.

“A comprehensive and intelligently written book on a topic of vital importance: the development of psychologically and spiritually healthy men living in the complex age of the early twenty-first century.” — P. T. Mistlberger, author of The Way of the Conscious Warrior.