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Angel Millar is a consulting hypnotist and personal growth mentor (with more than two decades of experience in meditation and related mindfulness training techniques, over a decade of experience in the martial arts, and several years as a public speaker on self-development, symbolism, and spirituality). 

He is also the author of The Path of The Warrior Mystic: Being a Man In an Age of Chaos and The Three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality: Craftsman, Warrior, Magician.

Ten Healthy Ways To Let Go of Stress

Increasingly, we live our lives in a state of stress, worried about the future. Yet, being stressed doesn’t help. In fact, long-term, stress can cause serious health problems. Here are ten healthy ways to reduce your stress.

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Aim Further Than You Need To

A moderate aim is often just a compromise that we make with ourselves. And it won’t excite you for long. If you want to take consistent action, you need to think further. Here’s why.

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Quitting Addictions: The One Big Mindset Shift

Addictions can take numerous forms: from injecting illegal drugs to smoking, from alcoholism to habitual eating (and habitual sugar consumption in particular), and from depending on coffee to wake up to binge-watching television at night. Here, we look at the one big mindset shift that needs to happen if you’re not only going to quit an addiction but are going to become the very best you can be.

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Learn To Breathe

The length of your life,” said Swami Rama, “is measured in the number of your breaths.” Breathing properly is a an essential aspect of Yoga, martial arts, and meditation. And it’s also necessary for health and stress management. Here’s what you need to know.

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Going It Alone

While we all want to have a good support group, there are times when — like it or not — we have to go it alone. Such times can be challenging but they can also be times of personal growth. Here’s some advice for the road.

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The Sword of Clear Thinking

A symbol of the intellect, the sword is more than just a sharp blade. From the edge to the point, guard, and grip, each part is analogous to an essential truth about the mind, our thoughts, and our attitude — if we want to achieve our goals.

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Overcoming Pain

Overcoming Pain ”Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls;” wrote poet Khalil Gibran, “the most massive characters are seared

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