Within Freemasonry: An ‘Academic’ Backlash Against Esotericism

On page 60 of Freemasonry Today (or FMT, as it now appears to be called) you will find a review of The Art and Science of Initiation, which I worked on with author Jedediah French. The review veers towards the positive, though the reviewer is clearly nervous about a book on initiation, especially when the types of initiation in question relate not only to Freemasonry but to esotericism more broadly and to spirituality and some occult Orders, such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Continue reading → Within Freemasonry: An ‘Academic’ Backlash Against Esotericism

I Am Now on Goodreads

If you’re following my site you’re probably an avid reader of books. So, I’m guessing that you’re either on Goodreads already or that you might be interested in signing up to the “social cataloging” or social networking site that is all based around books.

I recently discovered that I have a profile on Goodreads and I will now be posting a few updates on their as well. But, don’t worry, I’ll still be posting here. If you’re on Goodreads and would like to connect with me there, click here.

Historical Light Interview

Recently, I was interviewed by the Historical Light YouTube channel. Historical Light was founded by Alex Powers a few years ago and quickly gained popularity. After a break, the channel has recently been re-launched with the help of co-host Robert.

Historical Light focuses on the subject of Freemasonry (especially the history of the fraternity), although we mostly discussed my upcoming book The Three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality: Craftsman, Warrior, Magician, which will be released by Inner Traditions in early February 2020.

You can listen to the interview here.

Now Available: The Art and Science of Initiation

The Art and Science of Initiation is now available from British Masonic publisher Lewis Masonic here.

From the publisher:

“Through essays written by Freemasons, scholars of history, and mainstream authors and practitioners, The Art and Science of Initiation illuminates the theory and practice of various mystical/philosophical traditions and their processes of initiation. This book takes the reader into the heart of the initiatic experience. The method by which to enter into communion with spiritual worlds and reach higher levels of consciousness and soul maturation, i.e., initiation remains as relevant for us today as it was for the people of antiquity. The Art and Science of Initiation brings together thirteen all-new essays from some of the biggest established and upcoming authors of Freemasonry, spirituality, and esotericism, featuring work by Angel Millar, Joscelyn Godwin, Mark Booth, Richard Smoley, Donald Tyson, Susanna Åkerman, Herbie Brennan, Richard Kaczynski, C.R. Dunning, Jr., Greg Kaminsky, Jeffrey S. Kupperman, Adam Kendall, and Timothy Scott.”

Interview With The Magician And The Fool Podcast

I was recently interviewed by the Magician And The Fool Podcast, which focuses on esotericism, spirituality, and religion. We discuss a wide range of subjects from esoteric Freemasonry and its influence on the Western occult tradition, through Islamic neoplatonism and Traditionalism, to male archetypes.

Personally, I had a lot of fun chatting with the hosts, Janus and Dom, and I think you’ll enjoy it too. Check out the interview here.