Hypnosis for Stress management

When it comes to using hypnosis for anxiety and stress it’s important to know what it can, and cannot, do. To put it simply,

  • I use hypnosis to reduce the mental, emotional, and physical effects of anxiety, stress, and worry. Some of these effects include negative thinking, nagging thoughts, unreasonable fears, nervousness, and worries about being in social situations or about your performance in certain areas of your life. (We’ll look more at this in a moment.)
  • I do not treat or cure anxiety disorders. If you have an anxiety disorder, it’s essential that you consult with your doctor or medical professional, and get their consent, before seeking hypnosis.  
Common Signs of Stress

Stress is very common today. Not only are the majority of people stressed at work, most are concerned about the future and worried about essentials such as the cost of healthcare. A 2019 study by the American Psychological Foundation found that a slight majority of Americans (54%) even feel stressed when they follow the news.

Stress affects more than our mood. It affects our physical body, our long-term health, and our short-term behavior (which can also have long-term effects). 

You might experience stress as persistent negative thoughts, worry, irritability, sadness, restlessness, agitation, or a lack of motivation. However, common physical effects of stress include muscle tension (especially in the jaw (clenching or grinding the teeth) or the forehead (frowning)), headaches, and sleep problems.

You might also find that stress is making it difficult to focus on the things that you’d like to do (or need to do). Or that you are turning to snacking, smoking, drinking, etc., as a way to cope. Persistent stress, worry, and tension also make it difficult for people to socialize. Consequently, suffering from stress, many people will withdraw from their social circles, spending more time alone. 


In our session, we’ll explore and use a range of tools to reduce your stress and give you back a sense of calm, optimism, and focus. These include (1) exploring the cause(s) of the stress that you are experiencing, (2) discussing practical lifestyle changes that you can make to reduce the stress in your life, (3) hypnosis and/or progressive muscle relaxation, and (4) self-hypnosis and other calming techniques.

We’ll use hypnosis and mindfulness (which have a “significant” effect in combating stress) to help you to experience a deep sense of relaxation, let go of stress, and begin to cultivate calm in your daily life. 

And I will teach you simple self-hypnosis, which you will be able to use every day, to decrease or eliminate feelings of stress. I will also teach you simple mindfulness and breathing techniques that you can use when you experience moments of challenge or pressure (e.g., at work) to remain calm, centered, and in control.

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