Hypnosis. Mentoring. Personal Growth.

Angel Millar is a hypnotist and personal growth mentor (with more than two decades of experience in meditation and related mindfulness training techniques, over a decade of experience in the martial arts, and several years as a public speaker on self-development, symbolism, and spirituality). 

He is also the author of The Path of The Warrior Mystic: Being a Man In an Age of Chaos and The Three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality: Craftsman, Warrior, Magician.

The Journal

Shamanism And Hypnosis

Is hypnotism rooted in ancient shamanism? Both the hypnotist and the shaman uses “altered states of consciousness” to help individuals overcome blocks in their life. But what other similarities and differences are there between the shaman and the modern hypnotist? Click to find out.

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What is Hypnosis Like?

What does hypnosis feel like? Is it true that you can be forced to do things against your will by a hypnotist? Click to find out what hypnosis is like and what it’s used for.

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Why One CEO has Turned To Self-Hypnosis

While one study has found that 85% of employees are not engaged at work, workers are looking “purpose, opportunities to develop… coaching… and leveraging their strengths.” One CEO has turned to self-hypnosis and mindset coaching to create a more invested and focused workforce.

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