The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Certainly, at times, we need to take a step back, evaluate what we want, and understand what’s preventing us from reaching our goals and how we can move forward towards the life we want. 

Mentoring sessions are ideal for those looking for clarity and guidance in personal development rather than a solution to a single challenge such as quitting smoking or gaining confidence in public speaking. Like hypnosis sessions, however, mindset training uses a range of tools. These include:

  • Discussion. We’ll talk and — through questioning and probing your challenges and goals from different angles — we’ll gain a clear idea of what’s going on and how best to move forward towards success.
  • Feedback. Along the way, I’ll share any tips or suggestions I can to help you on your journey.
  • Guided visualization or hypnosis (optional). Once we’ve figured out the best steps forward, to help you get a clear vision of where you’re going and to help energize you to take action, we can use guided visualization or hypnosis.  We can also use this to tackle any specific issue that arises during our discussion. 
Mentoring sessions are confidential and my feedback is unbiased, so it’s the perfect opportunity to think deeply, get clear about you want, get helpful guidance, and realize what steps you need to take towards your success. 
Results may vary from person to person.