Hypnosis For Men

As men, much is demanded of us. And we demand much of ourselves. 

We are expected to be hard-workers, providers, achievers, and protectors. Yet, we are also expected to be available for others, whenever they need. We’re expected to listen… and to stay silent about our own concerns. And (if we listen to the media) we’re supposed to denounce masculinity itself and feel bad about being a man. 

For most men, this merely creates confusion. 

I’ve spoken to men across the USA, and the vast majority have told me that they had no real guidance as they were growing up. There were expectations. There may have been warnings. But there was no guidance. There was no initiation into manhood. Very often, the father was emotionally or physically distant, an alcoholic, a womanizer, or just had no idea about how to pass on life lessons. 


It wasn’t any different for me. 

At 18, I found myself sleeping on a friend’s couch—for months. Then I worked in a factory, coating metal wire. (It was a dangerous, dirty, and low-paid job and the factory had only antiquated machines that had no safety guards.) At 20, I woke up one day to discover that my lungs were bleeding. 

Things looked hopeless. 

But, right there and then, I resolved to change my life. A few years later, I’d graduated from two of the Great Britain’s top art colleges. I’d begun practicing martial arts. And I’d moved from England to the USA. 

Less than a decade after that, my first book had been published in the USA, Canada, England, Europe, and Australia. 

Since then, I’ve given lectures on self-development across America, lived briefly in Canada, continued to develop myself through the martial arts, had several more books published (most recently, by Inner Traditions publishing), and helped other men through mentoring and hypnosis. 


As the author of The Path Of The Warrior-Mystic: Being A Man In An Age Of Chaos, I’ve contemplated the masculine journey of self-discovery. Although that journey is different for each of us, here are some of the challenges we face:

  • Managing our emotions.
  • Building confidence.
  • Having a clear vision of who we should become.
  • Focusing on what’s important.
  • Taking action towards our goals (and understanding what risks are manageable and what are not). 
  • Quitting negative habits that waste our time, isolate us socially, and make us feel defeated.

Experience Hypnosis To Get Ahead

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” Those words were spoken by the Buddha more than 2,000 years ago. Since then, we have learned that our thoughts literally rewire our brain, shaping our actions and—consequently—our destinies.

To change our lives, we have to change our thoughts. But that isn’t always easy.

Friends and family will often tell us what they think we want to hear. And they will often try to dissuade us from taking the action we need to take to be the person we know we should be. 

We need something more.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help you move forward, towards your life goals.

The 3X Power of a Single Hypnosis Session

Every one of my hypnosis sessions consist of three powerful stages. First is the “mentoring” stage. Next, is the hypnosis stage. And thirdly, I will train your in a simple self-hypnosis technique. 

The mentoring stage: We’ll (confidentially) discuss your situation. We’ll go deep into your challenges and we’ll probe possible solutions. Then we’ll create a simple, easy-to-remember, plan of action, which you’ll be able to start straight away. 

The hypnosis stage: We’ll complete the session with hypnosis, to really empower you to take action and make making necessary changes much easier. If you don’t want the hypnosis part of the session, and just want to talk through your situation and get feedback, that’s also okay. However…

Hypnosis is especially ideal for changing habits, stress management, better performance, feeling more confident, and similar challenges. The vast majority of people find the experience both empowering and enjoyable. 

Quick, simple self-hypnosis training: I will also give you an “affirmation” unique to your situation, and will teach you a simple self-hypnosis technique to use with it. You can practice this each day after your session to keep yourself on track. 

The Power of Mentoring

As says Robert Green in Mastery, “The mentor-protégé is the most efficient and productive form of learning. The right mentors know where to focus your attention and how to challenge you.”

From moving to the USA (from England); to becoming a published author, public speaker, and recognized authority in self-development; practicing martial arts; and becoming a qualified mentor and consulting hypnotist, I far exceeded the expectations of my childhood or young adulthood. And I achieved much of it through my own determination and persistence. 

But I didn’t do it entirely alone. I was lucky enough to meet people who were able to point me in the right direction and—perhaps, more importantly—who got me to ask the right questions of myself and look at things from a different perspective when I was stuck. 

That’s really the essence of mentoring.

However, after we discover the real nature of the obstacles you’re facing, and create a plan of action, we will use the insights and information we’ve gathered together during hypnosis.

The Power of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used by many of the world’s most successful people. These include world heavy-weight champions boxer Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno, soccer star David Beckham, and pioneering industrialists Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford. 

As hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones told Forbes magazine:  “It’s remarkable just how many celebrities use hypnosis—how many CEOs and heads of production companies. It’s sort of a secret weapon for a lot of very successful, very wealthy people.” Dr. Jones should know. According to Forbes, he “charges $25,000 for two hour sessions with top executives, actors, directors and producers.”

My Promise

Value: I want you to get the maximum benefits in the minimum amount of time. So I’ll never pressure you to sign up for a long-term commitment. Most clients find that they’re making the changes they need, and creating the life they want, in less than three sessions—very often in a single session

And, with me, intensive 90-minute sessions are only $120 each. 

Convenience: sessions are currently remote and held via Zoom or Skype, on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • No need to take time off work.
  • No need to travel to my office.
  • No need to even leave your home.

(In fact, being comfortable in your own home is the ideal situation for a hypnosis session.)

Confidential: everything we discuss in our sessions is private, between you and me.

Why Experience the 3X Power of Hypnosis with Angel Millar?

More than just a consulting hypnotist (certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA).

I’m the author of the men’s self-development books The Path of The Warrior-Mystic: Being a Man in an Age of Chaos and The Three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality: Craftsman, Warrior, Magician, among others.

I’m a public speaker in the field of men’s self-development and spirituality, and have given talks related to the themes of my books across the USA (from New York to Los Angeles, Texas to Massachusetts, and from North Carolina to Utah). 

I’ve been interviewed on US and Canadian radio, as well as numerous podcasts, about my work. And it has been reviewed in some magazines:

Let Angel Millar be your guide to becoming a confident, strong, and dynamic contemporary higher man and a leader in your own life. – New Dawn magazine.

Important: If you’re looking for help with a psychological issue, these sessions aren’t right for you. Instead, I strongly recommend you see a qualified mental health professional.  

I use consulting hypnotism as a 3X powerful tool to help you move forward, towards your goals. 

So, if you’re looking to get claritymake meaningful changes in your life, take action towards your ideal life, and become a leader in your own life, click the button below. 

Results may vary from person to person.