Recommended Esoteric Podcasts and Websites:

Phalanx (where I often write on aspects of self-development)
Thoth Hermes
Occult of Personality
Mitch Horowitz (author on, and premier historian of, positive thinking)
Gnostic Warrior

Recommended Training and Health Podcasts and Websites:

Dr. Eric Berg (Youtube channel — for general health)
Mike Tyson
Tyler English (Bodybuilding)
Rory Miller (Self-defense)

Interviews with me:

Radio Hermetica
Thoth Hermes Interview (podcast)
Interviewed by author Andrei Znamenski for Magus West (Youtube)
Masonic Con 2017 Media Night interview (video)
Secret Transmissions interview (text)
Occult of Personality: Freemasonry and Western Esotericism (podcast)
Occult of Personality: The Crescent and The Compass (podcast)
Radikaliai Interview (text)
Gnostic Warrior Interview (podcast)


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