Stress Management Coaching

Does stress or anxiety affect your performance at work? Does it sometimes affect your relationship with clients, employees, coworkers, or business associates? Perhaps even your life, or quality of life, outside of work?

Would you like to reduce your stress? Feel more relaxed and more yourself? Deal with pressure more easily and retain focus even in difficult times so that you’re prepared to take appropriate action?

If so, you’re not alone. According to a 2019 report by the American Psychological Association, 64% of adults in the USA are stressed about their work and almost 50% are stressed about the economy. (And it’s probably gone up since then.) Likewise, HRDrive has reported that, due to work-related stress, 41% of people feel less productive and 33% feel less engaged.

While some level of stress can stress give us the impetus to take action, high, prolonged, or uncontrolled stress can cause serious problems in professional and personal relationships and can reduce our effectiveness considerably. Stress and anxiety also have serious consequences for your health, causing or contributing to a weakened immune system that leaves you open to more frequent or more severe sicknesses, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and a range of other conditions.

Yet, life is full of challenges. We have to deal with real problems. Sometimes, we have to make decisions that will affect our own life and the lives of others. And we have to communicate effectively with difficult clients, business partners, management, and employees. And when we’re stressed we’re liable to make mistakes.

Stress Management

Stress management has to be holistic, taking into consideration your unique lifestyle and pressures. During our first session, we will explore your specific situation (what’s causing you stress and how you are responding to it). And we’ll explore a range of techniques and options so you can learn how to relieve stress no matter what’s going on, and so you’ll always be your best self whether you’re in the middle of a high-pressure business meeting or at home.

Since new challenges are always arising, we will also work towards success in any situations that are upcoming, working, for example, on presentation anxiety if you have an important presentation coming up that needs to go well.

And we’ll explore positive changes that can be made in your routine or lifestyle, such as sleep, diet, exercise, cultivating a realistic positive thinking practice, working towards smart goals, and using healthy fear to your advantage while keeping it under control.

Here Are Some Of The Things We Can Work On

  • Achieving inner-calm and taking action under pressure.
  • Facing concerns about specific challenges.
  • Fear of public speaking.
  • Posture and unconscious, habitual use of facial muscles.
  • Getting adequate sleep and scheduling downtime.
  • Addressing any desired diet and fitness changes.
  • Cultivating self-talk and realistic positive thinking.
  • Visualization for better results.
  • Planning and goal-setting.
  • Breathing techniques and meditation for health and mental clarity.

Sessions are geared towards your specific goals so there’s no time-wasting. Sessions are normally held during the weekends, so we can work around your busy schedule. They are 100% confidential. And, held via Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts, sessions are also convenient.