Personal Presentation Coaching

How would it feel to have command of the room when you speak? Or to make the right impression as soon as you enter the room?

How would you feel if your business associates not only understood your goals and instructions but felt inspired and more confident working with you?

Our clothing, posture, body language, facial expressions, the words we use, and our intonation all shape the way others see us, respond to us, and how they will perceive our message. In fact, many experts in the field of personal and professional communication claim that only 7% of communication is verbal and that we communicate 93% of our message non-verbally. And while the 7/93% claim is an oversimplification (and a misinterpretation of studies conducted by Professor Albert Mehrabian and colleagues at the University of California during the 1960s), it is absolutely true that those we communicate with, or to, will be either positively or negatively influenced by our whole presentation, from our words to our posture and clothing.

I coach professionals in all areas of presentation, from body language and use of words to clothing. So whether you need help with a business presentation or an upcoming meeting with a new client or if are looking to refine your overall appearance for long-term success, I can help. Here’s a little bit more about coaching with me.

Professional & Personal Presentation


Coaching sessions are 90-minutes weekly, and you can choose to take as little as one session or go week-to-week.

In our first session, we will explore what you want to achieve, your aims, and where you are stronger or weaker in your overall presentation.

For long-term success, we’ll set goals in relevant areas and monitor your achievements as well as any area that might be more of a struggle. And, because sessions are tailored to you and to your unique aims and circumstances, we’ll focus on those areas that are relevant to you and that you want to improve or develop.

Everyone is judged by their appearance. Why not present yourself for success in your profession and in your life?

Here Are SOme Of The Things We CaN Work On

  • How to differentiate yourself from your competitors in your presentation.
  • Clothing and personal presentation.
  • How to improve your posture.
  • Body language.
  • Awareness of your facial expressions and use of facial muscles.
  • Facial exercises for tightening muscles and looking your best.
  • Your diet and exercise aims.
  • Word choice and intonation in presentations and conversations.
  • Your elevator pitch.
  • How to give an effective presentation.

Note: While we will focus on your personal presentation, if, during the mentoring process, you have specific material such as a PowerPoint presentation, branding, a sales video, or a sales email that you want to discuss we can do that too. 

Sessions are geared towards your specific goals so there’s no time-wasting. Sessions are normally held during the weekends, so we can work around your busy schedule. They are 100% confidential. And, held via Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts, sessions are also convenient.