Hypnotic Techniques for Business

Techniques of hypnotism and subliminal messaging began to be used in marketing during the 1950s. By the 1970s, hypnotism had influenced sales techniques, especially in regard to language.

Consulting hypnotists pay close attention to the language that people use, (1) to look for clues to what is blocking them from living up to their potential and (2) to reformulate their language to lead them toward success.

In business, what we write and what we say can determine the success or failure of a business presentation or partnership. It can motivate or demotivate a team. And it can help us get ahead or hold us back from our goals.

In one-on-one, private sessions, we will:

  • Evaluate your professional goals.
  • Examine your language and explore linguistic changes to make you more effective in business.
  • Look at how to make your presentations and public speeches more effective.
  • Examine any written material for effectiveness (marketing material, website, resume, etc.)
  • Explore techniques of emotional control (for presentations, etc.).

If you are working on a specific negotiation or focused on a specific client, we can also examine the language that is most likely to positively impact that relationship.

To begin your training, email me directly at angel@angelmillar.com

Note: Because some of these techniques could be used manipulatively, you will be required to sign an agreement to represent yourself and your company truthfully and with the best interests of all parties in mind.