You can Achieve More With Hypnosis


Whether you want to manage and reduce stress, perform better in your business, gain confidence, overcome an unwanted habit such as smoking, or lose weight, hypnosis can help you succeed.

It’s easy to put off taking steps towards your goals. We promise ourselves that we’ll start working on it next week, but then “next week” turns into next month or next year. As time goes by, we watch other getting ahead and wonder why we can’t or don’t. After all, you know that not making the positive changes you want to make, and not living up to your full potential, means not only wasting time but, quite possibly, losing money or living in a state of greater insecurity and dissatisfaction.

Often, what holds us back, however, is not other people but our own doubts, fears, a lack of clarity, or difficulty creating an appropriate routine. This is where hypnosis can help.


Hypnosis has been practiced for probably thousands of years. However, modern hypnosis began to be developed around two hundred years ago. Famous practitioners in the history of modern hypnosis include Franz Anton Mesmer (from whom we get the word “mesmerized”), Émile Coué (who’s ideas were later adopted by well-known motivational speakers), and Carl Jung (who went on to become one of the pioneers of psychology).

In recent decades, numerous athletes, actors, singers, and other performers have used hypnosis to help them focus, overcome worries, overcome challenges and unwanted habits, get clear about their vision, and deliver in high-pressured situations. These include Tiger Woods, Reese Witherspoon, Adele, Sylvester Stallone, and the Chicago White Sox, among many others.


Hypnosis sessions with me are ideal for people who want to make positive changes in their lives. Sessions are focused on your goals whether that’s gaining confidence, performing better in your business or profession, getting rid of an unwanted habit (e.g., quitting smoking), losing weight, or managing and reducing stress.

(Note: Goal-focused hypnosis is not psychiatry, mental health counseling, therapy, or medical treatment.)


With me, your hypnosis session will begin with us confidentially discussing your goals and any challenges that you’re facing. Once we’re both clear on the best direction for you, we’ll use hypnosis to focus your mind and influence the subconscious so that making the right decisions day-to-day (to get you where you want to go) becomes a lot easier.

You won’t find me swinging a pendulum (unless you really want me to). Instead, when you’re ready, I’ll give you simple relaxation instructions to put you into hypnosis. At your own pace, you’ll enter a state of deep relaxation. But, at no point will you lose control or tell me your deepest secrets. You’ll remain in control and aware of what you’re thinking and doing.

If applicable, I will also teach you simple self-hypnosis or mental relaxation and focus techniques that you can practice every day or before an upcoming challenging or stressful event (such as giving a business presentation).

Sessions are approximately 90 minutes long and held via video chat on Saturday and Sunday for your convenience.

Why Hypnosis with me, Angel Millar?

More than a hypnotist (certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA), I’m a well-know researcher, public speaker, and author specializing in self-development, meditation and mindfulness techniques, and wellness. In fact, I’ve been studying and practicing meditation and mental focus techniques for three decades, a few of which I describe in my most recently published book The Three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality (published by Inner Traditions in 2020).

I’ve also achieved many different goals in life (moving from England to the U.S.A., working in design and business, getting fit, eating healthier, and becoming a public speaker and author, among other things). On my journey, I’ve had my share of challenges as well as a few failures (which gave me some valuable life lessons). And I’ve also met lots of different types of people from very different backgrounds.

So you can be assured that hypnosis sessions with me are judgment-free. Where you’ve been doesn’t matter. It’s where you want to go that counts.


“I received two of Angel Millar’s hypnosis sessions… I’m completely new to hypnosis so I wasn’t sure what to expect but he walks you through it and makes you feel super comfortable, asking what’s going on in your life, and gets some background information before he really plunges into the hypnosis itself. Overall, it’s just a really positive experience. It just feels really good. It feels really enlightening. It feels like you have a kick-start into the new chapter of your life. And I think that’s kinda what I was looking for. I was just looking for that upbeat perspective to dig into my subconscious and get me going again on the right foot. So, I highly recommend him. He’s awesome. I’m feeling great. I can’t thank him enough.”

Amanda Maiorano, entrepreneur and singer.

Working with Angel was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first experience with hypnosis, but was immediately at ease and comfortable. Angel is a great listener and a calming presence. After the session, I felt lighter and had a more positive attitude. I was able to start building a more meaningful change in my life. I recommend working with him!”

Stephanie Chuang.

“Angel — thank you so much for the work you did with me to overcome some road blocks I was encountering in my career. I felt comfortable and at ease with the process from the jump and I appreciate that you have clearly invested much time and care in your practice. From knowing what to ask and what to listen for in our conversation to applying that information to effectively inform the balance of the session, I had no doubt there would be a positive outcome. I have been pleasantly surprised to observe since we did the work that there has been a broad impact on my life in terms of calm and clarity in addition to the specific effect we were focused on.”

Jake Buganski.

  • Confidential: This is your chance to think about, discuss, get clear about, and really articulate what you want in life.
  • Clarity: We’ll talk through any obstacles to your success so far and what steps you can take to achieve your goals. We’ll then use hypnosis to help you focus on your vision of success and to make taking those steps easier.
  • Convenient: Sessions are conducted via video chat, on Saturdays and Sundays, so you won’t need to take time off work or waste time traveling to and from the session(s).
  • Time-SavingHypnosis isn’t designed to drag on for months or years. Most clients of mine need between only one and four sessions.
  • No Commitment: Book as many or as few sessions as you want.
  • Enjoyable: Hypnosis is relaxing and people actually enjoy the experience.
Hypnosis sessions with me are held on Saturdays and Sundays only so that you don’t have to take time away from your work or business. However, because of the limited time each week, sessions can get booked up quickly. Click the button below to schedule your session.
Results may vary from person to person.