CEO & Entrepreneur Mindset Training

Every business leader can maximize their performance through mindset training and hypnosis. 

As a business leader in a fast-changing world, you face constant challenges and pressures in your professional life. You’re responsible for the running, growth, and health of your company. You have to keep up with changes in your industry, recognize growth opportunities, and instill your team with a sense of mission. 

Focused on the day-to-day operations, it’s easy to forget about your personal goals, health, and your professional mission. And it’s easy to forget that your state of mind affects the decisions you make and your effectiveness as a leader. 

Just as great athletes and sporting legends such as boxers Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno underwent mental coaching and hypnosis as part of their training to become world champions, so every business leader can benefit from mindset training and hypnosis.

LEadership Burnout

If you, as a business leader, are feeling stressed or burned out, you’re not alone. Development Dimensions International surveyed nearly 16,000 business leaders for its Global Leadership Forecast 2021. Drawing on the survey, Forbes reports that nearly 60% of business leaders feel “used up” by the end of the workday. Over a quarter of those business leaders mentioned above expected to leave their company within the next twelve months. 

Again, a smaller Harvard Business Review survey of 326 members of Business Networking International found that over a quarter of entrepreneurs experienced moderate-to-strong burnout. “Obsessive passion” and having a fixed mindset were more likely to cause, or contribute to, feelings of anxiety and stress. Notably, despite their passion, these entrepreneurs had difficulty focusing and were often distracted by thoughts of the responsibilities that they were neglecting (such as family and health),  

In contrast, entrepreneurs who were “harmoniously obsessive” experienced “high levels of concentration, attention, and absorption during their work.” This group was “able to balance their job with other activities in their lives without experiencing conflict, guilt, or negative effects when not engaging in work.”

Mindset Training And Hypnosis for business leaders

To help you be at your most effective in your role as a business leader, in our mindset training sessions, we will work primarily on nine interrelated areas or on those specific areas that are of special interest to you (usually tackling one area per session). These are:

  • Stress-reduction and recuperation.
  • Presentation and Public Speaking.
  • Vision.
  • Personal Development.
  • Routine and Habits.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Flexible Mindset, Thinking, and Mental Space.
  • Focus and Performance.
  • Confidence.
Stress-reduction, recuperation, and (possibly) inspiration

One of the most important challenges that you face, as a business leader, is stress. While it’s good to feel energized and excited by challenges, persistent stress causes mental and emotional burnout (which can lead to poor decision-making and poor performance) as well as health problems. 

We’ll explore ways that you can reduce your stress. And well use hypnosis to help you experience deep, recuperating relaxation. I will also teach you simple mindset and self-hypnosis techniques to help you stay calm under pressure, clear your mind, and relax and recuperate.

Switching off isn’t a luxury. It actually plays an essential role in proper decision-making.  The philosopher Bertrand Russel once said that when he had to write something difficult,

… the best plan is to think about it with very great intensity — the greatest intensity of which I am capable — for a few hours or days, and at the end of that time give orders, so to speak, that the work is to proceed underground.” 

By “underground” Russel meant “the subconscious” or “unconscious” mind. 

More recently, in one episode of Mad Men, marketing genius Don Draper instructs his copywriter, Peggy, to “Just think about it, deeply, then forget it.” If she does that, she’ll find that “an idea will jump up in your face,” he says.

Although Mad Men is fictional, these words reflect what creative, inventive individuals have always known. Once you’ve worked consciously on a problem for some time, your best ideas — and solutions to problems — will often come when you’re relaxing and not thinking about them. 

Presentation and Public Speaking

A study of CEOs by Northwest Venture Partners concluded that, “Expertise in hard skills is not the only important factor when starting a company. Looking back, CEOs/founders realize they could have used some greater expertise in certain soft skills as well—primarily in public speaking (37%)…”

Public speaking is one of the most common fears today. Effective public speaking requires more than confidence, however. It requires an ability to to connect to the audience, to express ideas clearly to inspire the audience, as well as good body language and posture. 

In working on public speaking and presentation skills, we will, firstly, discuss your needs. Then we will look at body language, posture, and how you intend to express yourself verbally. 

We will also use visualization and hypnosis for confidence in public speaking and in personal presentation. 


According to Forbes, “only 29% of employees say that their leader’s vision for the future always seems to be aligned with the organization’s.” Sixteen percent of managers are either “rarely” or “never” aligned to the CEO’s vision. 

We’ll explore your professional vision and (1) how you can more effectively relate it to your team. And we’ll also explore your vision for your personal life. Where applicable, I’ll also teach you some basic visualization exercises for keeping yourself on track with your personal and professional vision. 

Personal development

As Forbes has said, “personal development is the key to continued professional success.” In a fast-changing world, those who see the possibilities, and who can develop themselves as individuals, are the most likely to survive and to thrive. We’ll explore possible ways in which you can develop yourself.

Routine and Habits

We’ll explore your routine and habits, especially looking at time-wasting, procrastination, being distracted by technology, and otherwise not being present. We’ll look at how you can manage your time to be more efficient and to create a more balanced work-life relationship.

Work-life balance

Regardless of whether you’re spending all of your time working (but, perhaps, not actually being productive) or having difficulty beginning work each day, we’ll explore your work-life balance and the possibilities to get the most out of both. We’ll look at health, relaxation, family, socializing, and recreational activities.

Flexible Mindset, Thinking, and Mental Space

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it,” Henry Ford once remarked. it is essential to allow yourself time to think and even to wander. While rational decision making is an essential skill for any CEO, it is important to enable ideas to gestate in the subconscious, to be flexible, and to be open to new ideas. Constantly tackling the same problems head on, in the same way, will not yield better results. 

Through discussion, we will use our session to enable you to explore new, creative ideas for your life and business. And we will also use mindset techniques and hypnosis to help you create a mental space for ideas to gestate and to emerge out of the subconscious. 

Today, we feel that we have to constantly taking in data — checking emails, messages, reading reports or articles. It is essential to be able to think deeply, and then take time out from trying to cram more things into the consciousness, and allow ideas to emerge out of it.  

Focus and Performance

If you’re finding yourself procrastinating or distracted by time-wasting activities, such as social media or unnecessary “busy work,” we’ll use hypnosis to help you focus so you can be more productive when you need to be. 


Every leader needs confidence. Hypnosis sessions can help you get clear about your purpose, vision, skills, and strategy for success so that you’re confident about your direction. However, besides discussing your aims, and getting mental clarity through question and answer sessions, we will also use hypnosis to visualize, and mentally role play, your success in a range of important situations, from communicating your message to your team, to wowing clients during presentations, speaking in high-pressure meetings, and public speaking.

Results may vary from person to person.