Hypnosis for Confidence

Whether out with a group of friends, talking to a stranger, or speaking in a corporate meeting, confident people shine brightly when they’re around others. The way they act can seem so effortless and natural. And they can easily attract or win other people over to their perspective.

In contrast, a lack of confidence can hold you back from doing the things you want — or need — to do and living the life you deserve. Talking to new people, hosting a meeting, performing professionally, or even just speaking your mind might seem like it takes a huge effort. And, perhaps, consequently, you’re not seeing the wins that you hoped for or the progress you’ve been working towards in your life.

It’s sometimes the case that people are shy and have lacked confidence since childhood. At other times, a setback or loss can take the wind out of your sails. Or, perhaps, you’re nervous about your job, career (or career prospects) or fear failing in your ambitions. 

There are many reasons why people lack confidence and many situations in which people suffer from feeling shy, insecure, or a lack of confidence: meeting new people, holding a business meeting or giving a presentation, interviewing for a new position, performing (as an athlete or entertainer), working in sales, or in relationships. 

Building Confidence in Yourself Through Hypnosis

To help you grow your confidence, we will begin by discussing the challenges you are facing. We will look at how your lack of confidence has affected you in the past. And we will create a plan of action to help you move forward with confidence in your daily life and/or in challenging areas. 

Once we are clear about the best way forward for you, we will use hypnosis to help you experience (and begin to cultivate) the feeling of confidence that you have been lacking and to help you to navigate any obstacles or challenges so that you can act with greater confidence from then on. 

Lastly, if applicable, I will teach you some simple self-hypnosis that you can do on your own each day or before any especially challenging event (e.g. before a meeting, presentation, or performance).

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