Gnostic Warrior Interviews Me About Freemasonry, Initiation, and More

Moe at Gnostic Warrior dot com interviewed a couple of days ago, and the podcast is now up.

Over about an hour, we discuss Freemasonry, how the esoteric (inner) and exoteric (outer) relate to each other in spirituality, initiation, martial arts, and even contemporary European culture, and the problems it faces today. Continue reading “Gnostic Warrior Interviews Me About Freemasonry, Initiation, and More”


Freemasonry, The Occult, and Counter-Enlightenment

Is Freemasonry occult or rational and scientific? How do these relate to spirituality today more generally? This is what I will be exploring here, but first some comments on Freemasonry by others:

“Freemasonry,” says Jeff Peace at Freemasonry 101, “has been credited as the organization that paved the way for the Age of Enlightenment,” while another recent article published on Disinfo dot com claims, similarly, that the fraternity is a “scientific inference” (whatever that means) which describes various allegories that “don’t fall within the realm of occult.” On this matter, Peace is even more emphatic, saying “Redefining Freemasonry as a form of occult alchemical mysticism steals its glorious heritage of science and enlightenment philosophy from it.”

Continue reading “Freemasonry, The Occult, and Counter-Enlightenment”

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