Life is full of challenges: Relationships. Family. Financial. Spiritual. Every day brings some new issue that we must face and must deal with. But it’s easy to get caught up in events, consumed by emotions, and — if we do not make a conscious effort to free ourselves — to find, perhaps after many years, that we have lost our way. The vision we had for our life, our true self, the “big picture,” even our spiritual practice; all of this gets forgotten. We feel that we don’t really know who we are anymore. And, so does anyone else?

To help guide you on your journey, I founded The Spiritual Survival. There, you can read articles on self-development, spirituality, and more. Or, if you prefer listening to talks, The Spiritual Survival is on Youtube. All of this is absolutely free.

However, if you want to go deeper, or want personal guidance, I work with a select number of individuals on a one-to-one basis, helping them to work towards self-mastery. This means more than cultivating an appropriate spiritual practice. It means, exploring new ideas and new possibilities in your life, opening up to who you were meant to be. Although this is different for each individual, it might mean exploring Western and Eastern esoteric traditions, symbolism, and practices. And it will mean evaluating your life and daily actions, to become awakened to your Higher Self and its expression.

The practice of self-mastery and authentic spirituality is not for everyone. It requires a commitment of time and energy. And I charge a considerable amount for my personal and private instruction. However, this commitment is an investment in yourself — a commitment to understand yourself more and to live more fully and authentically, aligned to the sacred. The benefits you might experience include:

  • Greater emotional control (less stress, greater calm, and increased capacity to deal with difficult situations).
  • Greater self-awareness. (You will begin to understand your true nature and your purpose in life.)
  • Greater self-discipline (focusing on your true path, you will find it easier to commit time and energy to your routine).
  • Actualizing your true nature or Higher Self (you will create a routine that embodies your highest calling and purpose).
  • Cultivating an appropriate spiritual practice (with feedback and discussions about your progress).
  • A greater understanding of various spiritual and esoteric traditions.
  • A greater understanding of mind-body-spirit alignment and integration.

Personal instruction takes the form of weekly guidance sessions, via Skype or phone, to discuss your aims in life (spiritual, physical, material, etc.) and your progress so far. Personalized meditations, visualizations, and related practices, tailored to your character and requirements. Discussions and counseling on spiritual and related issues that are affecting your life. And explorations of spiritual traditions, symbols, and practices.

My life has been dedicated to studying the esoteric, spiritual, religious, and philosophical systems of the West and East and unearthing the authentic, jeweled thread that runs through them and runs through time, from the ancient past to today. Consequently, my work has been described as “an excellent reminder of the wisdom that can come studying the intersections of cultures, people, and places” by museum curator Aimee E. Newell, and as being “…of extraordinary importance in this time of cultural and even spiritual conflict” by New Dawn magazine.

If you’ve decided to embark on this journey toward self-mastery, please email me at angelmillar [at] gmail [dot] com. Places are limited.