Should You Do Hypnosis To Forget Someone?

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Should you do hypnosis to forget someone?

Perhaps you’ve gone through a painful breakup and are no longer in a relationship with someone you love. Perhaps you find yourself thinking about them when you need to focus on other things. Perhaps it’s even reached a point where you’re thinking of getting hypnotized to forget them and your relationship with them.

Is It Wise To Completely Forget Someone?

Right now, it’s painful to remember the person you loved (and might still love). Thinking about them may be a huge distraction. And you’re probably feeling very sad or confused. But completely forgetting that someone was a part of your life is almost always the wrong approach to moving forward.

While it might not feel like it at this moment, you will have learned valuable lessons through your experiences, good and bad. It’s important to understand those lessons so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes. When we ignore valuable life lessons, we end up in a cycle of experiencing the same problems with one person after another. You don’t want that.

And, of course, there will be times when you need to remember something from that period when you were with the person currently occupying your thoughts, emotions, time, and energy.

Using Hypnotism To Move Forward After a Breakup

Instead of using hypnotism to forget someone, in a hypnosis session we take a far more effective, five-pronged approach. We will:

  1. Help you manage your thoughts so that you aren’t obsessing about the person in question.
  2. Help you to relax and to manage your feelings.
  3. Help you to strengthen your perception of your own self-worth.
  4. Help you focus on the present and feel grounded so that you are able to act effectively in your professional and personal life, getting back to a routine and finding daily life more rewarding.
  5. Help you reorient toward the future and what you are capable of achieving and want to do.

Hypnosis sessions aren’t therapy or psychotherapy. They’re simply about helping you to move forward in life. Before you go into hypnosis, we’ll confidentially discuss your situation, feelings, thoughts, and struggles as well as the lessons you can take from your experience, and how you can move forward with future relationships when you are ready. And we’ll look at what practical steps will work best for you in your daily life.

We’ll then use hypnosis to help you (1) break the mental habit of thinking about the other person, (2) begin to manage your thoughts and emotions, and (3) begin to reorient yourself toward a brighter future.

Either before or after your hypnosis experience, I’ll also show you simple, discreet techniques (which you can use anytime and anywhere) to help you break unwanted thought habits so you can focus and feel grounded and present in your life.

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