Why Stress-Relief Searches Are Increasing

In May, earlier this year, Pinterest reported that stress-related searches had been going up since “the pandemic” and were continuing to rise (despite lockdowns being ended). 

According to Pinterest, the following mental health-related searches have seen a sharp rise: 

Struggling mentally (9X increase).

Feeling stressed 8X increase) 

Tough day quotes encouragement (3X increase).

The pandemic (and continual—and sometimes conflicting—news about the pandemic) and lockdowns clearly kicked mental health issues up several notiches. 

One review of mental health reports, conducted by Gery Karantzas (Associate professor in Social Psychology/Relationship Science at Deakin University), during the first year of the pandemic found that 

“Overall, social restrictions doubled people’s odds of experiencing mental health symptoms. This means, of those who participated in these studies, those who experienced lockdowns were twice as likely to experience mental ill health than those who didn’t.” 

A month ago, Pinterest also reported that since they banned “weight loss” ads, weight loss searches had decreased by 20%. Personally, I’ve noticed a massive increase in Youtube ads for therapists and therapist apps. Although these ads are responding to demand, they are also, perhaps, creating more demand at the same time.

There are things that people can do to reduce tension and worry in their everyday lives. And Pinterest notes that they have seen an increase in searches related to some of these. Notably, searches for self-soothing techniques have seen a 3X increase. Searches for Yoga for stress reduction have seen a 74% increase. And searches for anti-anxiety affirmations have seen a 4X increase.

Results may vary from person to person.