A few years ago, A. D. Mercer’s book Runen, on the little-known Armanen runes, was published for a highly select audience. Now, under its original title, Runa, the book has been re-released and includes a few extra thousand words on the subject as well as one or two more diagrams.

The controversial Armanen runes were beheld, in a vision, by the Austrian mystic Guido von List in 1902. Nevertheless, von List was convinced that these were the original or primordial runes. While English-speaking runic-oriented occultists and neopagans have tended to use the Elder Futhark or the Old English Futhorc, during the 20th century the Armanen was favored by German esotericists and occult Orders, including the Fraternitas Saturni, known — or notorious for — its sex magic rituals. (The Fraternitas Saturni has recently appeared in the highly-acclaimed drama Babylon Berlin).

Runa is available for pre-order from Troy Books here.

Below, you will find my recent interview with A. D. Mercer about the Armanen runes, divination, and more.