On Saturday, June 24, I will be speaking at the “300: Freemasonry’s Legacy, Freemasonry’s Future” event. Hosted by The Masonic Roundtable podcast, the event will be held at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.

The title of the talk is “Terrorism and Anti-Masonry.” I am aiming to look at some recent events, and at some relevant aspects of its history over the last couple of hundred years. And, I’m also hoping to include some more optimistic points as well.

Other talks on the 24th will include “A Brief History of the UGLE” by Mike Hambrecht, “A Craftsman’s Journey” by Steven L. Harrison, and “Freemasonry’s Future” by Juan Sepúlveda. There will also be discussion group sessions and refreshments, among other things.

You can find out more about “300: Freemasonry’s Legacy, Freemasonry’s Future” event here.