With speakers including myself, the renowned Greg Kaminsky (publisher of Occult of Personality podcast), author Piers A. Vaughan, and lecturer Oscar Alleyne, the second annual Masonic Con convention was held on Saturday, April 29.

With the exception of Greg’s talk on Freemasonry and the history, symbolism, and philosophy of Kabbalah, all of the lectures were open to the public. Although I didn’t catch all of the seven talks, from what I did see, the standard was extremely high, and each was highly informative — and everyone I spoke to told me that they were impressed by the speakers they had seen, as well.

I was truly impressed by the energy of the event and the enthusiasm of those visiting (Masons and non-Masons from across the country). Packed with both visitors and numerous Masonic merchandise companies, selling everything from skull rings and Masonic scarves to paintings and books, Masonic Con 2017 truly embodied the feeling of brotherly love, respect, and love for life.

Personally, I’m especially gratified to have met so many Brothers, who kindly listened to my talk on Freemasonry and the Higher Man, and, of course, to have met — among other heavy hitters — Greg Kamisnky, whom I was able to sit down with for a one-on-one brainstorming session.

The organizers will, I believe, be releasing videos of most of the talks, as well as an interview with each of the speakers (though, since I was interviewed at roughly 11-11:30 PM on the Friday night, I might come across as a little sleepier than normal).

For those who attended and are looking to extend the buzz for as long as possible, or for those looking for information, discussion, and debate about Freemasonry and related traditions, please check out the Occult of PersonalityThe Masonic Roundtable, and Historical Light podcasts.