Phalanx: A Webzine of Spirituality, Initiation, and Masculinity

Photo by Wout Marlier.

Some readers may not know, but around a year ago I founded Phalanx, a webzine of “guts, determination, and spirituality,” as I’ve described it. My original idea was that it would be a blog where I would explore issues of masculinity and spirituality. It evolved quite quickly, and its focus was soon spirituality and self-development.

Since, so far, all of the writers have been male initiates of the Mysteries, the site has quite a masculine tone, and one or two articles (such as those which concern men’s attitude toward women (especially in regard to the female image in initiation), or on male initiation and violence) were written with men in mind, though the vast majority of articles and the vast majority of advice and information is as relevant to women as it is to men — and, in fact, one or two of the site’s biggest supporters are women. (I believe both men and women should learn self-defense, practice meditation, should learn to cook and understand food, and cultivate mind, body, and spirit.)

Although one or two other writers contribute to Phalanx (such as Jeff Wolfe, who writes about magic, spirituality, and self-development; and Tony Crisos, who’s written about ancient Greek music and initiation, and Sufism and music), I contribute to the site on a weekly basis, and plan to be adding new sections and more podcasts soon.

The focus of Phalanx is quite different to other sites. I believe we explore areas of spirituality that others will not, and dare to go further into esotericism, ancient ritual, and self-development in more practical ways. But, the biggest difference is that we always try to inspire and give information or share experiences that we hope will help readers overcome their limitations and elevate themselves.

Please check out Phalanx, and let us know what you think.

Thank you.

Angel Millar


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