new-dawn-magThe latest special issue of New Dawn magazine includes three articles by me. Special issues differ from regular issues in that they are based around a theme, and are published less frequently. The theme of this issue is, loosely, “end of days” myths and conspiracy theories.

The magazine asked me to write about Islam’s “end of days” myth, but you’ll also find an article by me on Wahhabism and a short one on Islam in popular culture — e.g., the Islamic-Punk movement called Taqwacore which emerged in the US, and was inspired by Michael Muhammad Knight’s novel The Taqwacores.

The issue also includes Gwendolyn Taunton on the Kali Yuga (the Hindu concept of the “Iron Age” — the aeon, in contrast to the “Golden Age” or Satya Yuga, in which mankind has lost his consciousness of Nature and his connection to the gods, and consequently materialism and spiritual degradation reign), and the “Twisted History of the Swastika” by historian and editor of the excellent Quest magazine Richard Smoley.

New Dawn is a curious magazine, full of neglected and arcane subjects. I don’t agree with all of the writers — in fact, I disagree with some — but I’m happy to contribute to a magazine that makes people think.

New Dawn is published in Australia, so  it’s difficult to get in the US, though you can download a copy or subscribe online here.